Ravenloft, 855 of the Barovian Calendar…


It is 60 years after The Core Conjunction a time when the whispered one, Vecna, escaped Ravenloft. As Vecna ripped apart the land’s hold on him he managed to seize a portion of the demi plane’s immense dark power. Wielding it, he defiantly established a permanent portal within Citadel Cavitius, which now leads to his new foul domain in the Shadowfell. In the God’s shattering wake, the very fabric of the Demi Plane of Dread was significantly altered and the plane reshaped causing many surrounding clusters and islands to gather together into a new southern landmass. This was the foundation of a new vast Continental Core. The Plane of Dread had also become strangely weakened. As the mists receded, many Dark Lords found their domain powers missing, while others found their domains entirely absorbed by surrounding lands. Only a few Dark Lord’s retained the ability to close their boarders and some even found themselves slaves of Vecna’s power.

Interestingly in the years following the event, the Demi Plane of Dread has increased in both human population and geographic stability. As several Dark Lords lost influence or went missing throughout the core lands, many of the large cities grew along with an increase in trade routes and local political agendas. Although there is movement in the shadows. The hidden sinister truth that the wary Vistani have learned is that the demi plane’s quiet and weakened state has left it open to further manipulation from the Whispered One’s power. As he continues with his plans, the very essence of the dark land could be absorbed by the supreme evil God, causing all its denizens to become undead slaves under his power.
However, Vecna’s plans have not gone unnoticed and there are forces who would thwart the evil God’s insidious quest…

Even in a Demi Plane of Dread … champions will rise.


The Pathfinder Chronicles, Book I

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